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When Do Baptisms Occur?

We celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism at our morning services throughout the year.

Baptism is initiation into the family of God, a gracious sign that we belong to God’s covenant community. Most often, we baptize infants and young children, but there is no one “right age” at which a baptism should occur. Since the beginning of the church, both children and adults have been baptized into the church, if they have not been baptized before.

As United Methodists, we recognize baptisms from other Christian traditions and do not “rebaptize,” but anyone may perform a public sign or remembrance of a baptism.

You do not need to be a member of our congregation to have your child baptized here. However, we ask everyone, members and friends alike, to be in attendance at least four times prior to the baptism, we may ask if a current member would sponsor the persons being baptized. The reason for this is that we want to make it clear that baptism is not a one-day affair and requires ongoing commitment.

Scheduling a Baptism

If you are interested in scheduling a baptism here, please contact the Church Office or our Pastor, and they will talk with you about available dates and set up a meeting to discuss it further with you.

We try to avoid first Sundays, beyond that, most Sundays are available, unless there is something special already planned. The next step is to fill out a Baptism Information Form in the Church Office. We will work with you as much as possible to accommodate your schedule because we know you want to have family members and friends share this special day with you.

While it is not required that parents be members of our congregation, it is essential that they be committed to raising the child in the Christian faith. In order for the sacrament of baptism to be administered with integrity, it is expected that parents will continue to attend church on a regular basis following the baptism, either here or at another church where they feel comfortable. The ongoing support and care of a congregation, combined with the example that parents set by their own participation in worship, study, and service will provide the healthiest atmosphere in which a child may grow into his or her baptism.

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